Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bückeburg Palace

Sunday – Bückeburg

I think today may be my favorite day. We had some sunshine and it was warmer and we were going to a Palace! Bückeburg is a small town in the Lippe-Schaumburg area, east of Osnabrück area and the Palace is still the current home of the Prince of Lippe-Schaumburg. When we arrived there were a few tense moments with a lot of German language flying back and forth and I was getting nervous, seems like they didn’t have my English tour guide there. Oh no… but luckily there was an gentleman there, who I am not sure what his job was there, but he certainly must have given tours before because he was great! We were escorted through 12 rooms of the palace and our guide was very entertaining with stories of the palace and the different styles it embodied throughout its long history. The most magnificent place to me was the Chapel. Still in use today by the family every Sunday, it is awash in gilt and gold. The frescoed, vaulted ceiling was completely filled. We learned from our guide that centuries ago people believed that there could not be a speck of white on the ceiling, as this might allow evil into the chapel. No worries here. We then went through hallways with paintings from the 18th century, Reception rooms and the incredible Banquet Hall. The men’s Smoking Room and the Ladies Drawing Room, Hunting room etc. It was a look see into the lives of Royalty.
It was awesome. After the tour we had time to walk the beautiful grounds or visit the delicious, pink Schloss Kitchen and get some kaffee und kuchen. Since the last time I was here I walked the grounds, this time I went for the cake!. It was well worth it, incredible delicious.

Our day was not over yet, we visited the horse stables that housed the horses of the Baroque Riding School that is part of this Schloss. We attended a horse show in the afternoon. Unfortunately, the master of ceremonies told the story in German but we were able to get the gist with the performance of the horses. Magnificent animals.

Sun was still shining and it was a beautiful day and lots of FUN!

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