Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday – Freilichtmuseum THAT IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT!!!

So day 3 we travel a little west to the Hohenlohe Freiland Museum. This open air living history museum shows farmhouses more typical to the Wuerttemberg area, mainly Hohenlohe. We finally got there and met our guide. Here is the story of the day, a very nice young woman who knew her facts and history very well but she knew it in great detail and she had a few catch phrases that were repeated quite often, “That is absolutely right”, “Perfect Question”, and “That’s Right.” After a while they kind of drove you crazy, but makes for a good group laugh. We learned about the type of pig bred in this area and visited a larger farmers house. What was different in this house from some of the others I have been in was the painted furniture. Very ornate and I think I have this right, if the piece had a picture of a cat on it, it was brought by the bride, a picture of a dog and it was brought by the groom. I will include some pictures.

So we had an “absolutely Right” time and a good catch phrase for the rest of the trip!

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